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4-18-15 (part 2: Scenes of Misery)

Even if then just I
We revote until death would die
Crimson flag flying down into the damn
The flag staff
a back
Death flowing like water
Vision on a child
Medal of honor pinned to hot
Bloodied clothes covering cold clammy skin
Rascal smile now gone
Pulling him through the filth
A body wrecked with peace so free
Even yet the rats will naw at fingers
stones reflection
This wedding is bitter
The man's return to tears
Silver sunlight grants fulfilled kiss
Yet still wonders if forgiveness is here
Saintly chair
good bye
in song
Childen of angels seen
Gift silver wrought to joy
Black like forgiveness unseen of
In a sanctuary of candlelight
The embrace
of two
Witness the fulfilled tongues
A drip of water

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My Soapbox: Sarin Gas
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Sarin Gas
Sarin Gas

Putin is a dictator; a strongman, maintaining his power, and building his fortune, well beyond his democratic right. He has installed puppets - long nosed cowards, then re-elected himself. He is a dictator; an enemy of freedom, arresting protest and dissension. He is both loved and despised by his people. How does that make any sense? He is a propagandist, though propaganda is fake news by a different name, and fake news is news by a different name, because honesty is a tool, like ideals are a tool. Humanity though, is allergic to this sort of relativism - you can tell by the runny noses. Prop up a dictator, pick your nose, and then claim the fists of Gandhi. Peace is a tool. A hammer is a tool, and the nails are human rights abusers. But human rights abuse is like any religion - we have to be culturally accepting in order to be politically, diplomatically, and corporately, correct. Yes, when the bodies are shown, broken and stained by concrete dust, the chest tightens and the heart breaks. But this too is a useful tool: a broken heart is an easy thing to constrict and control. The only evil religion is all the others anyway. And intent is like hypocrisy - it is only a pertinent factor if you trust, or distrust, the person. But this sort of reasoning constricts the pupils of future human action. If we do not fix our mistakes and if we do not deny the myopic nature of our present, we will not learn from our mistakes, and not only will we not learn from our mistakes, we will be forcing future generations to learn from them. But is it also true; is it inevitable that, regardless what is done about a small problem, it will become a bigger problem?

Assad is a dictator, one of the tyrants of our time. He has vowed to wipe the rebels fighting against his regime off the face of the earth, but what are rebels nowadays? What does that matter to the free man, when the rebels are themselves tyrants? And what are free rebels nowadays: dissidents and provocateurs intent on siding with and disseminating dissent, as if the term means something in itself; as if counter-culture is the moral high ground in and of itself? What is truly rebellious? Thinking for yourself, but knowing what it means to know, and admitting when you don't know, and admitting when you know yourself to have been wrong! Do you know what is truly rebellious: denying the appeal of prophecy and the social clout of foreknowledge? But that is not so easy when war is looming; when history seems so ready to repeat itself; when the sarin gas is choking the life out of those on the TV, and the media is choking the life out of those watching the TV. Ideological truth is making it difficult to breathe. (No I am not equating those watching people die, and those who are dying. That is the point of a metaphor: to give a taste of the odorless screen - a symptom of the disease, by comparison. Nausea without food poisoning.) Think of the prestige - salivate over the conditioned need to be remembered! Your drooling words could well be placed in the timeline; in the history books, justly vindicated and horrified, before the future wasteland of WW3 bloomed; before there sprouted a circle of magic mushrooms in the backyard. And those that survive the apocalypse will quote you, when they predict WW4. That’s the problem with using math on current events: one can be added to everything, and even when you can subtract a dictator from the world stage, the sum total will yet be a greater problem.

ISIS and Al-Qaeda do not deserve any cultural respect. Every Islamist fighter deserves to be martyred. Every single one. Yet if you have enough lube, the "free world" will let you fuck it in the ass. Russia? Oil. Saudi Arabia? Oil. America? Gotta keep it spilling. But if tyrannical power is not used to control it, it will spill all over the world, like emesis, and will first vomit itself into the power vacuums. Oil and theocratic terrorism are two of the three greatest weapons of our age, the other is nuclear. All three hold the tongues, and tie the hands, of free countries, caught squatting over their virtues, in defecation. Human rights abuses are catalogued and cited when needed (see intent, hypocrisy, and trust). At any other point in history, would dictators be so in disposable? To attack Russia would be Nuclear war. To attack Syria is to fuel that war, and to see Islamists use that vacuum for their beheading videos. To attack Saudi Arabia is to lose an antithetical "ally" and the lubrication for the industrial military machine’s urination - it's pissing away of money and on freedom. To attack Iran would be unjustified for some reason. They haven't invaded a neighboring country in generations, fags, I guess, are disposable, and I mean, who isn't funding terrorism nowadays. At least they are only a quasi-nuclear state, though to expect greater sagacity; to expect greater discernment in understanding the apocalyptic danger of weaponising the atom, than the current holders of Shiva’s wrath, would be to not understand the cold war; to understand why it was only cold.

Mutually assured destruction keeps a country safe because of the almost universal desire for self-preservation. Devout acolytes and gods though, have no such need for self-preservation. What is to be done with the mad, pseudo-godchild Kim Jong Un? To attack North Korea is to cause harm to the surrounding nations and economies. The question is, would it be less harm than what would come, if the man baby is left to his imposed delusions. North Korea’s nuclear desires, and weapons testing, is not some cheap global masquerade; it is not the fake twitching and jerking of demonic possession, or Pentecostal prayers. It is the full seizure of wasteful weaponry to fry the earth. I am of the opinion that to leave such a bastion of slavery and childish actions ignored, is to give the future a greater burden than the present has to proffer - it is to allow the sarin gas to continue to kill any ability for the body of the free world to act. Totalitarianism is highly volatile. But the free world is comatose - playing dead in front of a grizzly bear. If it is hungry enough, it will eat you. To depose Hitler was easy in comparison, despite the death toll, because we know it was the right thing to do, and our scientists were the ones quoting the Bhagavad-Gita. Once the death toll is known, the answer is simple. But prophecy doesn't work backwards. If dictators are tolerated beyond a reasoned approach to diffuse their harm, freedom will suffocate in spasms - isolated by its tolerance; by its acceptance, of tyranny.

Times have changed. The axis and allies are in bed together. A dictator can gas his people (again), but being on either side of that red line is seen as the wrong side. You are either an impotent bloviator, or a terrorist. And worse yet, this could all be fake. The lacrimation could be fake, like the fake tears of a crocodile. Not the forced tears of a chemical cloud; not the coughing and gasping of people as the sarin gas fills their lungs, and makes for great television, the narrative of Assad's deeds could be fake. The purveyors of the odorless, tasteless, colorless death could be the rebels, intent on winning their war through subterfuge. Or better yet, it’s a false flag committed by the CIA - G.I. barrels of nerve gas. The people's collective gastrointestinal distress. For my knowledge, those that truly know who committed this atrocity, are those that committed it. Everyone else claims a reliable source - a source that they trust. And everyone else are hypocrites with good or bad intentions. Those countries that condemn the attack on Syria are one side, and those countries that praise the attack on Syria are the other side. And those that do not want war are on all sides. But still, it appears that the axis and the allies remain the same: the democracies and their allies, versus the dictators and their allies. The difference is WW3 can have no victor. But if the enemies of freedom are left to their volatility, exhaling their pathogens, freedom will be weakened by asthma and bronchospasms - akin to death rattles.



There is a poison in the airways -
waves of noise not fit to be swallowed,
by ears long trained to listen for bells,
and then salivate and vomit.

The undertow is facile.
You might as well take up smoking.
It soothes the burn.
Gaslight for the eyes - gas breath for the lungs and nostrils.

Odorless, yet somehow odorous.
Colorless, yet somehow bloody - coughing up green mucus.
Tasteless, yet somehow prepared for the pallet.
There is a fog on the mind, as like the fog in the lungs of Idlib.

This weapon is designed for its task -
to be used on rebels, and to be used by rebels,
to where words no longer mean what they mean.
The deluding of rebel; the deluding of ally - all the deluding of evil.

And while dictators have their bulimic fingers forced
down these throats,
the chess masters see the world
as a chess board,
in the same way

as board rooms see prophets,
and hammers see nails,
and the wind sees sails;
as dead powerless eyes see sockets;

as theocrats see god,
and antifa see fascists,
and lovers see passions;
as cattle ranchers see prods.

And if you speak out against this “peace”,
the world will have you speak your bellies empty - extending and distending the delusion.
I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.
Today’s hemlock - the poison to a healthy mind, is ideological virtue.

The journalists have gassed the airways with noise -
the sarin is spread by enemies, and allies, and rebels alike.
The nerve of man to be such mad stewards of reason.
Their Idealism has killed Socrates.


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