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4-18-15 (part 2: Scenes of Misery)

Even if then just I
We revote until death would die
Crimson flag flying down into the damn
The flag staff
a back
Death flowing like water
Vision on a child
Medal of honor pinned to hot
Bloodied clothes covering cold clammy skin
Rascal smile now gone
Pulling him through the filth
A body wrecked with peace so free
Even yet the rats will naw at fingers
stones reflection
This wedding is bitter
The man's return to tears
Silver sunlight grants fulfilled kiss
Yet still wonders if forgiveness is here
Saintly chair
good bye
in song
Childen of angels seen
Gift silver wrought to joy
Black like forgiveness unseen of
In a sanctuary of candlelight
The embrace
of two
Witness the fulfilled tongues
A drip of water

Guerrilla Mind Rape
Guerrilla mind rape

make your mind no longer whole within itself; make it
slither and squirm,
like a snake
that cannot shed its skin; that can only burst
from within itself, like sausage
from overfilled pig intestines;
make it question
whether it is still whole;
make it question
whether it still exists,
whether “I” exist,
whether these words exist - let it expel napalm, til it can no longer recognize
And then fill every single hole; every whole memory and Holy identity,
every single trap door, hidden, fill them all
with the seed of villains and heroes and mad men
and all other manifestations of the human spirit, and then swallow it
all, and regurgitate what no longer sits well
within your stomach, and then swallow it
all again just to be sure, if you have a mind to - unless you have already gorged yourself
on the fat of your own goddam ego.
And whatever is left
within the belly of your mind; whatever
has been digested,
that is not causing your mind
and all subsequent organs to fail, that is the native tongue! Those is the forces,
long subdued,
by foreign artifice! For the oppressive societal ideals, that lead you to assimilate
for your own benefit, have suppressed
the candor of the mind; your minds majesty,
open to all, but conditioned
to reject much.
The benefit of the individual
should not, and cannot, if
we are to remain mindful,
be in opposition to
the benefit of society.
Individual tyranny is never the problem though,
in contrast
to those that follow the tyrant
to his own self-refuting, and
damning conclusion.

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Conversation Starters #1: What is the objective nature of persuasion
Conversation Starters #1: What is the objective nature of persuasion? #FactsMatter #alternativefacts #newmediacc #MAINSTREAMMEDIA #Trump

Conversation Starters #1: What is the objective nature of persuasion?
What is the objective nature of persuasion?

What if I told you that Neo was colorblind?

What if I told you that the white house is full of liars, and that the mainstream media is also full of liars? Which side should be believed; which side should be supported; which side should be defended? That right there seems to be the true problem at hand: the creating of sides, and then, the taking of sides, based on truth. But again, which are to be believed? Facts, or alternative facts? History, or the history you we never told? New media, or mainstream media? Unnamed sources, or unnamed sources? The people, or the smart people? The populous, or the college? All these dichotomies are pointless, and obfuscate the real issue. Facts are facts - they are objectively true, but perceptions of the facts are like the slippery, flip-flopping fish, your dad caught that was “this big” but got away. The thing in itself, and the reflection; the person and the mirror. People vote for what’s best for themselves, that is a fact, except when they don't, because in another moment they choose to be selfless, or they don't know what's best for them, and so they cannot, and therefore do not, choose what's best for them. Who is to be believed; who knows what's best? Them, or, Us? Us is chosen every time. And one can always point to Orwell and talk about how he predicted the concept of “alternative facts” (which do, at a fundamental level, erode the conception of facts as truths), but what if you always have been lied to? Alternative facts, in that paradigm, are just facts. This is absolutely a bandwidth problem, and not just at the individual level. The human capacity to understand and experience reality, is fundamentally too slow to download and upload, and is all too small to hold it all. At what point can one say; at what point can we say, we have learned the truth when there is an article left unread; when there is an idea left un-contemplated; when there are answers left unquestioned? What is the question at the core here? I believe it's a question of persuasion, or more specifically, knowing what should make ideas, and therefore truths, persuasive, and therefore accepted - making persuasive ideas, acceptable truths. So then, what criteria should be present to determine whether an idea is persuasive, beyond the simple subjective capacity for an individual to be persuaded? This question seems to be easier to answer. And to start the conversation I will leave, in conclusion, these two points.

1. If you were to preface every discussion, debate, and argument with an explanation of why you are persuaded by what you believe, and therefore, what you are saying, then not only would the discussion have a better base of mutual understanding (though leave out mutual judgement), it could also be determined whether continuing would be time well spent, being that we are all confined to our own little time bubbles as it were, and the time otherwise spent, on fruitless discussions, could be better spent on discussions with more of an understandable seed to produce fruitful thoughts. Concisely, if, after stating what you believe, someone asks why they should believe you, do not say, “I don't expect you to.” Ideas that are not meant to be persuasive are not healthy - they are the poison that kills a healthy mind. And with the presence of enough poisoned minds, a healthy mind will appear to be sick.

2. So, if you hold ideas that you do not want to persuade people of, or that are not objectively persuasive, then abandon them, or don't give them breath, or preface them as such. Do not propagate them as real knowledge - you are part of the problem, and are hurting us all. And obviously the question then becomes: What is the objective nature of persuasion? And so again I ask, what criteria should be present to determine whether an idea is persuasive, beyond the simple subjective capacity for an individual to be persuaded?

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The failure of current poetry
The failure of current #poetry #poem #spokenword #majority #FactsMatter #feelings #tyranny #SlamPoetry #poetic

The failure of current poetry

The failure of current poetry

I have something to say...

The mask is coming off. I will carry
a torch for
no one, while moving forward in this dark cave, til I fall into that pit
when it is my time to die.
And so if you cannot see me; if you cannot see
where I fit in. I don't. Morons.

See, the best poetry
is that which falls deepest into the chasm between fact and feeling.
Too many feelings
and you end up slamming your fists
against your own anecdotal demons.
And purely factual statements are
textbook - without breath; without a life
of their own.

They might as well be ghosts.

Both are still poetics, these
demons and ghosts - but superficial
and lackluster in their stopping power. It's the difference between
splinters and
serrated arrows!

And if your words do not resonate; if they do not ring true
beyond an auditorium;
beyond the narcissistic mob,
they will not illuminate the monster’s scars!
The monster’s scars are what is real!
Pride in what you do not control;
what you have not worked for,
is wasted words.
What wasteful poetics!

And the purity of fact alone,
is like gods without religions;
like stars without constellations;
like virginity without the ever looming possibility of fucking
That one person that will join you to pleasure!
What useless words those are; what useless poetics!
I would sooner know nothing,
than know everything,
without knowing the reason, for anything!

Still, your words
are not correct, simply
because the world cheers you on: the tyranny of the majority; the tyranny of one.

Do write poetry.

Do not
be acolyte to a
wasteful vision
or serve your time; your sentenced life, in a
useless prison.

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